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About Trask Performance

Trask Performance has been in business now for eighteen years and our reputation for performance work has not only gained statewide recognition here in Arizona but also nationwide with the introduction of our Trask Turbo Systems. Our mission is to continually update and improve upon our products and services and to stand behind our work, 100%. We believe that keeping up with the latest technology will enable us to provide superior systems.

About Turbo's

Here is a general rundown. The engine produces exhaust gases that exit via the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. These gases flow through the exhaust manifold into a turbocharger unit as the exhaust gases enter the turbine housing. The velocity of the exhaust gases spools (spins) a propeller blade type of wheel, called the turbine wheel. As this turbine wheel begins to spin, it turns and drives a common shaft. This shaft has another propeller type wheel, called the compressor wheel, on the other end. The compressor stage of the turbo begins to suck air in as the compressor wheel begins to spool. The compressor wheel spools faster and faster and the air becomes compressed, charged air. The faster the wheels spin, the faster the shaft speed, thus, the greater pressure.